The advantages and disadvantages of modern cloth nappies

The advantages and disadvantages of modern cloth nappies


  • Modern cloth nappies contain no harmful chemicals or plastics.
  • Modern cloth nappies have less of an impact on the environment than disposables.
  • You have the freedom to choose from a variety of stylish modern cloth nappies.
  • Modern cloth nappies result in less leakage (if your fit is correct and your absorbency is enough you won’t have leakage).
  • Modern cloth nappies are less smelly than disposables.
  • While the initial purchase of your supply of modern cloth nappies may cost more, in the long-term it will be cheaper than using disposables.
  • As you’re washing your modern cloth nappies, your bin doesn’t fill up as fast and you’re not contributing further to all that nasty landfill.
  • You get a lot fewer nappy rashes with modern cloth nappies.
  • Modern cloth nappies come in a variety of colours and designs so can be considered more appealingly.
  • There are no harsh chemicals used to make modern cloth nappies, which means they’re great on sensitive bottoms.


  • You can’t just throw away the used nappy, it needs to be washed. Not a huge deal, but it is more time consuming.
  • The once off payment for modern cloth nappies is higher than you would usually spend on a short-term supply of disposables.
  • Washing modern cloth nappies are more time consuming than disposables.
  • Modern cloth nappies be difficult to manage while travelling.

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