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We always get questions on what do you do with your dirty nappies? Do you have to soak it? Do you have to scrub it? Do you have to steri nappy it?


And ladies and gentlemen the answer to all questions above Is NO!

“So, what do you do? How does it work?”

You put it in your washing machine.

“Your washing machine??”

(Pause for shocked reaction)


“What about the poop?”


((Smirk smile emoji))


So today I’ll share the 411 regarding storing and washing your cloth nappies.


For poop nappies you can use disposable liners or fleece liners. That poop you can plop in the toilet or throw it away. We use an old school steri bucket to throw the disposable liners in. If you don’t want to use disposable liners poop can be rinsed off or sprayed off with a bidget sprayer. Either way, poop needs to go down the drain where it belongs.


When there is no poop on your nappy, you can store you dirty nappies in a dry bucket. A dry bucket can be any type of laundry basket as long as it has holes in for ventilation. We bought a plastic basket from Westpack.


Dirty nappies can be stored for up to three days, YES three days and it will not stink. (If you have stink issues, your washing routine needs to be checked). You can wash every day or second day if you want to, but you don’t actually need to.


On washing day, you should do a pre-rinse and spin cycle, without detergent, in your machine and then wash your nappies on a long cotton cycle with detergent. You can rinse nappies in bath or shower everyday and then you don’t have to rinse in the washing machine.


Nappies then needs to be dried either outside or inside on a line. Nappies can be safely tumble dried on low heat, but I would recommend to not put any PUL in the tumble dryer.

How to wash your Cloth Nappies

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