How much will I need and what other accessories will I have to buy

How many you need depends on how many nappy changes you do each day, how often you will wash and what climate you stay in. The number of diapers needed also varies based on the age of your child. A newborn will need more than a toddler.


Saying that a newborn needs about 12 diaper changes a day. Therefore, to wash every second day you will need about 24 daipers and to wash every third day you will need 36 diapers*.


For todlers you change roughly 9 times a day. Meaning you need about 16 daipers and to wash every third day you’ll need abour 24 daipers*.


All this can also vary on what type of nappies you buy, for instance if you buy All in one’s (that take longer to dry) you might need more nappies. If you do go with flats and covers (they dry really quickly) you might need less diapers.


*Every baby is different and these numbers are minumim that you will need.


There are a few accessories you can buy that will make using cloth nappies easier.


Nappy bucket – This needs to be a buckt that is well ventilated. Laundry baskets with holes work best, also make sure it has a close-fitting lid so curious toddlers can’t open it! We also use a old school steri-bucket to store dirty liners in.

Disposable nappy liners – this will make clean up a bit easier as you can just tip the contents of the liner in the toilet (not the liner itself though, they might clog up your pipes eventually) and the nappy won’t be as dirty.

Wet bags – these waterproof bags are perfect for storing a used nappy in when you’re out of the house.

Cloth wipes – if you’re already using cloth nappies then cloth wipes can save you even more money. Just clean off and pop in the bucket with the dirty nappies.

Water sprayer – Buy and attach a specially made water sprayer to your toilet’s external plumbing so you can hose off your nappies straight into the toilet.

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