Fleece pocket night nappy OSFM Light blue

Fleece pocket night nappy OSFM Light blue

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Our handmade fleece pocket nappy consists of a double layer polar fleece cover with a polar fleece pocket lining sewn in with one opening in the lining. This nappy comes with cotton fleece/hemp 4 layer trifold, this is 12 layers off absorption. Hemp/cotton fleece trifold is stuffed into the pocket lining. Night nappies need to be rinsed straight off the bum in warm water, this Is to get as much urine out as possible to prevent stink issues. This nappy with inserts is perfect for light- medium wetters, heavy wetters may need additional inserts. If you have a forceful wetter you can also add a micro-fibre Insert on top of the other Inserts closest to the bum but still underneath the fleece lining layer. This nappy can be used with any type of insert of your choosing, that’s what makes this so amazing. It is just like your normal pocket but fleece, so nice and soft. 

Medium fits 5kg till 16kg 


Rinse with hot water. Store in a dry bucket until wash day (3 days at most). Nappies needs to be washed in cold water (35˚C). Covers and inserts can be dried in tumble drier on low heat. No bleach/fabric softener must be used. Only use cloth safe bum cream.


Large, Medium, XL

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