Pocket Sheep

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A pocket nappy consists of a waterproof cover with a pocket lining sewn in with either one or two openings in the lining; The pocket lining can either be made from synthetic fabric (stay-dry) or natural fibers. Inserts that absorbs the urine, are stuffed into the pocket lining. Inserts can be made of a variety of fabrics, the most popular being microfiber, bamboo and hemp. One size fits most (OSFM) fits babies from about 4,5-17kg.

These pockets consist of a PUL cover and seude cloth Inner.

Store in a dry bucket until wash day (3 days at most). Nappies needs to be washed in old water (35˚C). Covers needs to be dried on a line, inserts can be tumble dried on low heat. No bleach/fabric softener must be used.

34 in stock

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