The fabrics

The fabrics


A synthetic fabric that has a high absorption and liquid retention level. Due to its high liquid retention, once saturated and compressed, leaks can occur. This fabric works well in conjunction with a natural fabric, place this on top and the natural underneath to catch any compression leaks. Due to its high absorption this fabric should never be placed directly against skin, it can cause discomfort and a rash. This fabric dries quicker than natural fibres. This is the cheapest material and is usually included with a pocket nappy.



A semi synthetic fabric derived from bamboo, with a high level of absorption. This material absorbs slower than micro-fibre, but still at a fast rate, it also holds more wee than micro-fibre. This material is still cheap but more expensive than micro-fibre.



A naturally derived fabric with a high level of absorption. Hemp absorbs really slowly but holds the most wee. Hemp requires about 8 washes to become fully absorbent.

Hemp is the most expensive material.



Natural fabric with a high level of absorption. Cotton tea towels and cotton receiving blankets can be used to add absorption.

Cotton is a cheap alternative to hemp as the absorption is almost the same as hemp.



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