Modern cloth nappies

What are modern cloth nappies?

Modern cloth nappies are shaped, fitted, washable and reusable nappies. They are typically made from modern fabric like bamboo, cotton and hemp.

They are designed to look just like disposable nappies which fits around babies belly and thighs but most are fasten with studs (snaps) or Velcro. They have Elastics around the legs as well as the back to keep all the messes inside the nappy area.

Modern cloth nappies can be washed which mean you can use them again and again. They mainly consist of a waterproof outer layer, an absorbent layer and a biodegradable or washable liner.

Modern cloth nappies come mainly in two sizes: New-born and One size fit most (OSFM). New-born fits from birth till 5/7kg. (depending on brand) and OSFM fits from 5kg. till potty training.

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